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What we are?

Viva Collection Co., Ltd. is a specialized jewellery design and manufacturing company, based in Bangkok. Since 2008, Viva Collection has built a consistent reputation for tailoring innovative jewellery creations for high profile retailers and provides high quality diamond jewellery for wholesalers in Middle East, the United States of America, Asia and Europe.Integrating traditional skills and outstanding craftsmanship, with a contemporary taste influenced by modern luxury lifestyles and feminine inspirations of today, is the core specialization of the company.

Viva Collection is also well positioned to manufacture Private Label collections for any given retail project, adding its own creativity and originality in terms of ,inspired design, product refinement and added marketing aptitude.Viva Collection is very well known and trusted throughout the Middle East and United state of America as a producer of exclusive high-quality diamond jewellery.Our products are unique in representing art, design, and culture.

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